Aftermarket Solutions

Understanding customer needs

Fulfilling your needs and meeting your expectations is our highest priority. We work diligently to fully understand your ventilation problem so we can design and deliver the best solution.

To help achieve your goals we will carry out inspections at your sites to determine the spatial areas available and to identify any airflow obstacles. We then provide you with a full and detailed assessment and recommendations for our solutions and services.

Technical Support & After-Sales Service

We pride ourselves on our responsive and efficient support services for customers. Not only will you get a fast reply, but our friendly engineers are trained to high standards to resolve any issues that may arise from usage of our fans.

Fan Trim Balancing at Site (upon request)

We provide Trim Balancing services after installation of replacement fans at site to minimise vibration and boost operating performance. This also helps to minimise wear and tear of the bearings and improves fan efficiency.

System Commissioning (on request)

If requested, our engineers can conduct testing and commissioning of the new fan system at your site to help ensure reliable operation.

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