How Ferrari Industrial Fans Are Used In Agricultural Applications

Modern agriculture has been achieved through scientific advances, technological revolution and by introducing advanced industrial methods.

Advanced technology in agricultural machinery is now mainstream and our fans have been developed to meet the requirements of this continuously evolving industry.

Ferrari agricultural fans and agricultural blowers are most commonly used for process optimisation across harvesting, grain drying, pneumatic conveying, dust collection, ventilation and product packaging.

Typical Agricultural Applications


Silo Ventilation

Drying is a part of the post-harvest process which helps to preserve the agricultural products. The aim of drying is to optimise the agricultural products ready for storage by lowering the moisture content to reduce the microbial spoilage and deterioration reaction.

In addition, the drying process reduces the risks of premature and unseasonable germination of the grain, development of moulds, and proliferation of insects during the storage process.

Silo Ventilation is designed to decrease the internal temperature and humidity levels for silos stored with grains. It is essential to maintain high quality crops in a silo storage and while drying the grains, it is necessary to secure steady strong airflow through them.

The silo system provides a flat perforated bottom which the grains are placed on, enabling the introduction of air into the space between the floor and the perforated bottom. Alternatively, the lateral ducts can be placed on the floor making tunnels which release the air at the bottom of the silo and therefore liberate the air into the grains.

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