How Ferrari Industrial Fans Are Used in Burner Applications

As a manufacturer of burner fans, we provide industrial fans and extractors for the burner industry. The main applications for this industry are burners for boilers which can also be used in a range of other applications, such as the ceramic industry. These fans can be applied to any sectors where there is a gas combustion system: cement works, steelwork, glassmaker, boilers, turbines, drying kiln and asphalt plants.

In this industry, industrial boiler systems operate most efficiently while the ambient air is being preheated through industrial burners using forced draft fans (FD fans). Industrial forced draft fans stress the pressure and volume at the outlet of the fan to push air through a system therefore creating a positive air pressure.

Typical Burner Applications

Burner main fan

Exhaust Extractor

A burner main fan in a combustion zone with the proper setting can reduce pollutant emissions whilst provide heat shielding to keep the drum surface temperature at reduced level. It is essential to obtain complete combustion, focusing on the combustion zone, to ensure enough combustion volume for the flame to burn. This helps prevent quenching of the flame due to veiling material to achieve high combustion efficiency.

The burner main fan must have the ability to dissipate heat during the operation to prevent itself from being destroyed by the flame.

An exhaust extractor is designed to extract the exhaust fumes emitted by the burner industry, or at the point of production. This will protect the operators from exposure to the exhaust fumes and reduce the risk of any illnesses.

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