Cement & Asphalt

How Ferrari Industrial Fans Are Used in Cement & Asphalt Applications

Cement and asphalt manufacturing require specialised fans to efficiently handle and manage each stage of the process in moving, grinding, preheating, heating and cooling.

As an experienced manufacturer of fans for the cement and asphalt industry, we can provide our innovative products to suit each of these applications.

For the cement industry, our cement fans play a key role in heating the cement meal to extremely high temperatures into the cement clinker and then to cool the clinker with ID fans in cement plant. The clinker then has gypsum and fly ash added and is moved into the cement mill to be ground into the final product. The rocks crushing process utilises process fans in cement plants for dedusting and air filtration.

The asphalt industry typically uses asphalt mixing plant industrial fans for the process of drying, heating, and controlling emissions. A combustion fan with a burner heats and dries the aggregate. A baghouse system reduces waste and pollution by collecting fine sand and dust, using an induced draft or ID fan to suck the sand and dust through the baghouse collectors and return these particles to the mix.

Typical Cement & Asphalt Applications

Asphalt mixing plant

Main fan


Pneumatic transport

Asphalt mixing plant is an application which produces asphalt, macadam, and coated roadstone. It is used for compounding the dry warm aggregates to produce asphalt concrete and is typically used for road construction.

Main fans are heavy duty and perform two basic functions: the supply of air or removal of exhaust gases and material handling. There are many process fans that can be applied to the cement and asphalt industry including, raw mill fans, induced draft fans, cooling fans, raw mill exhaust fans, coal mill fans and cooler exhaust fans.

A heater is used in industrial dry kiln cement production plants to heat the raw mix and drive off carbon dioxide and water before it is fed into the kiln.

The usage of pneumatic transport is to push materials which are abrasive or friable along a pipe into a plug form at very low velocity.

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