Dedusting and Filtration

How Our Fans Are Used in Dedusting & Filtration Applications

Dust collectors can be found installed in most factories and industrial buildings with their primary function to handle the air treatment process. The most common air treatment is to either recover valuable particulate powder from the air stream, or to remove air pollutants from the exhaust gas before being discharged into the atmosphere. Dust collection is used to collect dust from any process at the source.

Centrifugal collectors use cyclonic action to separate dust particles from the gas stream. The most common types of collectors are single-cyclone separators which create a dual vortex to separate coarse from fine dust. Multiple-cyclone separators consist of several small-diameter cyclones which operate in parallel to each other.

We are a leading manufacturer of air filtering fans for the dedusting and filtering industry. With our highly efficient product engineering and design solutions, we provide our customers with the ideal products for this industry, with a full line of mechanical dust collectors and filter systems.

Our industrial filtering fans are designed to control and eliminate massive particle load from entering the airstream. Our industrial dedusting fans can be used for providing clean filtered air from the system, whether there is sawdust, metal scraps, or welding smoke in the air.

Typical Dedusting & Filtration Applications

Common Applications

A key factor to consider when choosing suitable fans for filter systems and dust collectors is the position of the filter.

The fans that work in the dirty side of the plant (upstream of the filter) should be chosen to work with dirty air and designed to resist the dust impact both in the impeller and in the casing.

The fans which are placed downstream of the filter can be chosen with a better efficiency as they work with clean air.

Another key factor for the selection is the material transport velocity, as it needs to be high enough to avoid the deposit of material in the ducts. In this instance, it is common to use ATEX certified fans. The shorter fans placed on the cyclone can sometimes be customised to the available space in the customer’s plant.

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