How Ferrari Industrial Fans Are Used in Electronic Applications

The electronics industry has become highly integrated into a range of different sectors, including healthcare, telecommunications, automotive, entertainment and much more. This industry is made up of a huge supply chain, from design and manufacture through to after sales support and replacement electronic parts.

We are a leading manufacturer of industrial fans for the electronics industry, most specifically in exhaust system filtration applications. Our industrial filtering fans are designed to control and eliminate massive particle load from entering the airstream.

Our products maintain the pressure levels in the electronic component production line during the manufacturing process, ensuring final product quality and reliability.

Typical Electronic Applications

Air Treatment

Air emissions during advanced manufacturing of semiconductors (computer chips) and other components include toxic, reactive, and hazardous gases and organic solvents. It is essential that air treatment of gas emissions is carried out in component production lines.

In the production of printed wiring assemblies, air emissions could comprise of organic solvent vapours and fumes from the soldering process such as aldehydes, flux vapours and organic acids.

Keeping track of the sources of toxic emissions, for instance the toxic gases used in the semiconductor industry, should be continuous and part of the process. Effluents should have continuous monitoring of pH and other parameters should be tested once per month.

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