How Ferrari Industrial Fans Are Used in Food Applications

The food manufacturing industry for today’s global population is diverse and includes food processing, manufacture, preparation, preservation and packaging.

There are many forms of food processing, from grinding grain to make raw flour to advanced manufacturing methods for commercial food products. There are three classifications for food processing, namely primary food processing, secondary food processing and tertiary food processing.

Industrial food fans are required in food manufacture to cater for the many steps in the production chain, from raw materials to the final products.

At Ferrari Industrial Fans we design and manufacture customised fan solutions to your specific requirements.

Typical Food Applications

Pasta dryer


The pasta dryer consists of sheet steel panels that are painted with hypoallergenic epoxy paints on the external walls and filled with polyurethane foam which provide greater insulation.

These steel panel components inherently provide better soundproofing and better structural strength. Humidity and temperature values are critical inside the dryers.

The valves are controlled by the electronic control panel with a hygrometer and thermostat. The ventilation system for the pasta dryer fans benefits from low noise, heat resistance, substantial air displacement capacity and system pressure. The hot air, heated by a hot water heat exchanger, circulates inside the dryers.

The pneumatic conveying industrial fans are used in the food industry for transporting a wide range of powders, granulates and extruded shapes such as flour, sugar, and milk, wheat, coffee and grains, salt and spices.

These fans provide solutions for the food industry from simple, lean phase, product transfer applications to fully automatic factory wide multi-reception point installations, for storage, distribution, weighing, blending and size reduction.

Recommended fan series

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