How Ferrari Industrial Fans Are Used in Painting Applications

Industrial fans for painting are essential in the automotive industry and are used at various stages of coating preparation and application in manufacturing plans to produce high-quality aesthetics and durable surfaces while meeting environmental regulations.

Manufacturing stages can include cathodic e-coating, primer, base coat, and clear coat.

Coatings are performed inside spray booths which require air handling systems to ensure optimal cleanliness, humidity, and temperature. Installing a filtration system is also essential for dust control.

Large air flow is required to ensure paint particles are captured and moved to the collection area underneath the booth. In addition to effective coating layers, the finishing paint quality and overall efficiency depend on the efficiency of the filtration system, air flow rate, and the direction of airflow inside the spray booths.

Another important space in automotive factories for effective airflow is the painting booth where industrial fans can be used for injection, suction, or recirculation of air – either at room temperature or elevated temperatures.

Pre-treatment, air preparation, and furnace are common process stages where this airflow is required.

Tube-axial fans are usually installed to handle the exhaust side of the airflow for industrial paint booths, truck paint booths, and entry level automotive paint booths. This is mostly due to the low cost of the hardware and low cost of the installation.

Typical Painting Applications

Pre-treatment & air application

Painting booth


Our high volume, low pressure industrial fans ventilate the pre-treatment zone to provide a clean and safe work environment at the preparation stage.

Our fans are installed in spray painting booths to ensure top painting quality on the car casing surface. The air flows blow from top to bottom, or one side to the opposite side, of the booth throughout the painting process.

After the painting process is completed, car casings are sent to the furnace on the conveyor belt system. In this phase of the drying process, Ferrari industrial centrifugal fans are employed to work at high-temperatures.

Recommended fan series