How Ferrari Industrial Fans Are Used in Paper Applications

Ferrari Industrial Fans offers a wide range of industrial and blower fans for the paper industry and diaper industry.

Paper machines require a high pressure dryer and heater box fan equipment. Our paper industrial fans, for pulp and paper, are typically used in the drying process for the production of paper and use stainless-steel construction for the dust suction.

Paper is manufactured by using the pulp of the woods with treatment at high temperatures to disintegrate lignin and remove impurities from the pulps.

Pulp and paper are extracted and processed from cellulose fibres together with various plant materials. Premium paper quality can be achieved with the addition of synthetic ingredients.

Meanwhile, our fans are also used for pneumatic transportation and pressurisation in diaper manufacturing plants. The major component of a diaper is synthetic disposable material. The disposable diapers contain absorbent chemicals to absorb the waste. Polypropylene is used in the inner lining of the disposable diapers to prevent the outer cloth from being soaked.

Typical Paper Applications

Pulp & paper



Chemical pulp is produced by combining wood chips and chemicals in large vessels called digesters. Heat and chemicals break down lignin – which binds cellulose fibres – without seriously degrading the cellulose fibres.

Some processes require high temperatures of up to 450C for drying paper pulp and cellulose compounds. Chemical pulp is used for materials that need to be strong or combine with mechanical pulps to provide different qualities for the product.

Diaper machines integrate several processes to fabricate the final diaper products in an automatic manner, including pulp roll stand, screenless hammermill double feeding, glue application system, and SAP Applicator.

Due to different age groups and body sizes, the machines are designed to accommodate flexible sizes according to customer specification. The width can range from 220mm to 400mm and the length range can range from 350mm to 600mm.

Tissue machine forming sections distribute the stock evenly along the entire width of the tissue machine into the gap between the wire and the felt. After the forming and pressing processes, the drying section focuses on removing water from the tissue web by evaporation, with circulation of hot air in this section.

One typical method for tissue making is cylinder drying in which it is vital to ensure maximum drying efficiency with minimum energy consumption.

Recommended fan series for pneumatic transportation

Recommended fan series for dust suction & drying