How Ferrari Industrial Fans Are Used in Steel Applications

Ferrari Industrial Fans has a proven track record of supplying stainless steel industrial fans for steel production. We supply our fans for installation across several production phases, including the furnace and cooling zones.

The process of melting furnaces uses backward curved fans downstream of the filter and discharges the combustion air to the environment. For the same process, there are fans for high-temperature gas extraction, equipped with accessories that must be resistant to the inlet fluid.

For the cooling zone, our high-flow fans operate during the cooling process to ensure the environmental air is moved over effectively to transport conveyors.

Typical Steel Applications

Air dryer

Jet cooler

Air blades

Air Dryers are a special type of filter system especially designed to eliminate the water. The process of air drying raises the temperature and focuses on atmospheric contaminants – usually water vapor. Therefore, the air dryer is typically set at an elevated temperature and 100% relative humidity.

Jet Coolers use a high-pressure jet of steam to cool the water. The equipment optimises the performance and quality of steel manufacturing.

Air Blades are produced from our high-pressure industrial fans which are used to blow off debris from the surface of steel products as they travel on the conveyors.

Air Blades are normally high-intensity and uniform. They are typically used in manufacturing in a recursive recycling process to separate smaller particles from the surface of steel products.

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