How Ferrari Industrial Fans Are Used in Tobacco Applications

Ferrari Industrial Fans has decades of expertise in supplying effective fan solutions for process machinery in the tobacco industry, including moisture induction, steaming, drying and cooling, stem drying and classification, expansion and conveying.

We work closely with our customers to determine their individual needs and provide the most efficient fan designs.

The tobacco industry ranges from growing tobacco leaves grown in countries with warm and most air conditions to the global distribution network of tobacco products.

In modern factories, machines automatically roll shredded tobacco into a continuous roll of cigarette paper which are produced at a pre-set cigarette length. The cigarette packs are mechanically sealed in cellophane and hand-placed in cartons.

Typical Tobacco Applications

Pressuring & drying

Cigar production is now almost entirely automatic. During the primary process of production, the tobacco is treated with water to make it pliable and elastic. It is then cut in the form used for cigarettes. This is a critical phase of the process and requires close control of humidity levels. If the air is too dry, the leaves will crumble and will become dust. If it is too moist, it will rot in storage.

Our industrial and burner fans are installed in drying systems and operate within high temperature conditions.

Another important use of Ferrari fans is to control the overall ducting pressure in the production line where parameters of the cigarette are measured to help ensure high quality.

These parameters include circumference, pressure drop, ventilation, firmness, paper permeability, humidity, and loss through the tips. The package sealing is measured to ensure optimal levels of humidity are preserved.


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