Engineering Services


Research and development

For over 60 years, Ferrari Industrial Fans has continually invested to create cutting-edge products. From machinery and training facilities to materials and advanced technologies, we strive to ensure we consistently meet our renowned high standards and product reliability.

Our product testing facilities at our headquarters in Italy are world leading. The modern facility allows us to carry out advanced tests and performance measurements to support production and prototype development.

In addition, our AMCA certified fan performance test laboratory in Thailand is fitted with the latest advanced testing technology to maintain and enhance our global competitiveness.

Energy saving solutions

Efficiency, quality and competitiveness are always ensured when you work with Ferrari Industrial Fans thanks to ongoing investments in our systems and processes.

Our leading Fan Selection programme coupled with our extensive range of design solutions allows us to choose the optimal fan configuration to meet your bespoke requirements and provide the long-term solution that you need.

We invest in our teams of product engineers to ensure they are equipped with the very latest technical knowledge and industry skills to give you the best solutions and support, starting from your initial enquiry and consultation to technical support throughout the project and our after-sales assistance.

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