Ceramic and Bricks

How Ferrari Industrial Fans Are Used in Ceramic & Bricks Applications

Bricks and ceramics have most commonly been used for centuries to protect buildings from natural elements and for sustainable housing development. Our ceramic and brick industry fans are largely used in brick production, particularly for the drying kiln, furnace and combustion system due to their ability to function in high temperatures.

Our belt driven industrial axial fans and centrifugal fans are commonly used in the drying kilns and furnaces whilst our high-pressure direct driven industrial centrifugal fans are used to perform air injection in the combustion systems.

Typical Ceramic & Bricks Applications


Cooling bed

Exhaust extractor

The continuous kiln is a typical tunnel kiln which is open at both ends and is designed to generate heat at the central portion. Bricks and other building materials pass through the tunnel kiln continuously. The kiln can be turned on uninterruptedly to process several batches of bricks.

Ferrari industrial fans can be applied in the cooling zone after the batch of heating bricks have reached the cooling bed. Our high volume low pressure industrial fans draw air from the environment and cool down the bricks before the packaging process.

Ferrari industrial exhaust fans are connected to the dryer system to remove the excess of humidity in the dryer system. Our medium air volume high pressure industrial exhaust fans are usually preferred in this application.



The dryer application is commonly utilised across many industries but is typically used in building materials or, more generally, clay or shale based construction materials.

Clay drying is the most essential part of producing brick as it defines the shape, size, and quality of the clay. Through the correct air flow and drying speed the drying system ensures the ability to dry the clay without forming cracks on the surface. The most common dryer methods used are rapid dryers, continuous dryers and static dryers. For this process, our industrial high temperature construction fans direct air on the manufactured products to obtain uniformity of the drying process.

Ferrari industrial high temperature fans can be connected to the kiln and drying system to recirculate the hot air back into the system. Modern high efficient systems save energy by recycling or recirculating the heated air and reduce waste of overall heat energy.

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