How Ferrari Industrial Fans Are Used in Shipping Applications

We have developed a range of centrifugal and axial fans for the marine environment suitable for installation in cruise ships, cargo and offshore platforms.

Resistance to corrosive atmosphere and harsh conditions are the highest priorities we set during the design stage to ensure effectiveness and durability.

Our supply and exhaust fans are used in various technical areas of ships – from engine rooms for batteries and compressor cooling to air treatment rooms and osmosis plants.

Cruise ships, for example, require a supply of over 50 fans ranging from smaller-sized centrifugal fans to larger-scale marine axial fans.

Typical Shipping Applications

Guest cabin & technical room ventilation

Air purifiers


Most modern cruise ships have air conditioning which is typically equipped within all public spaces, technical rooms, and cabins. The temperature on a ship is usually controlled at a relatively stable rate regardless of location.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is the main method to control and prevent airborne diseases onboard cruise ships. IAQ provision such as air purifiers filter the transmission and spread of particles, harmful gases, bacteria and viruses across the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) infrastructure.

All air handling units are required to be designed and installed to be accessible for periodic inspections and for regular filter changing. They must be equipped with access panels.

It is mandatory that industrial effluent from cruise ships is clean and safe for managing wastewater treatment. The combustion is a chemical process that takes place at the bottom of the incinerator, meaning air supply is required above the burning waste to reduce airborne ash.

The wet de-ashing system removes air born ash in the dry waste compartments, leading to a cleaner and healthier working environment for personnel. Other benefits include the simple handling of air bags and maintenance reduction of nearby installed equipment.

Recommended fan series